League of Legends cosplay is always a good thing! Arcade Miss Fortune by Yaya HanArcade Sona by Vickybunnyangel Cosplay. Photo by Lexa One Photographie.

These uber-classy retro superhero pin-ups from Stephen Langmead are phenomenal! They actually look like real women wearing actual costumes & not just body paint.

Could this be your new Robin?! According to local Michigan news station WILX-10, that’s exactly the way it’s gonna be. So… Jena Malone as Carrie Kelley? I’m down for that!

Watch Arya Stark Prove That Kids These Days Can’t Handle ’80s Nintendo

NYCC Recap: verababy is just as as gorgeous in person as you would expect! I wish I would have gotten photos of her Princess Peach & Casey Jones cosplay as well.

NYCC Recap: These girls made an awesome pair! And as good as their Power Girl & Supergirl are, their Ms. Marvel & Scarlet Witch were equally badass.