eBay Support…or lack thereof.

Sept 12, at 2:20 PM local time, I received this email telling me that my selling limits have changed on my account because another user is associated with it. I’ve been selling under the same account for almost a decade & have no other accounts.


At 2:24 PM, I called eBay Support & spent 1 hour & 22 minutes on the line, the majority of which was on hold. I spoke briefly with one individual who need to escalate my call to another, and a second who needed to send me to a third…and then I just sat on hold. After almost an hour and a half call time, I had to hang up. I had things to do.


I then went online to request a call back & at 4:22 PM I received my support call. After explaining to the girl what what going on & how I had to hang up after being left on hold for so long, she actually started looking into things for me & discovered that this other account originates from the same zip code but everything else was completely different from mine. She does all she is able to do & sends me on to another person (who I believe is the same person I spoke with last time). This #2 informs me that there are technical difficulties & she cannot forward my call at the moment & asks for my number to call me back & continue when things are working again. This call takes 22 minutes.


At 5:07 PM, I receive a call back from the same person & provide all of the information she requests. During this time, I think it would be a good idea to block this user from buying/bidding on my items and discover that I have already blocked them in the past, but with my account being almost a decade old there’s no telling when this actually happened because it doesn’t look familiar to me at all. Again, it’s determined that I need to speak with someone else & once again my call is transferred. After 35 minutes on the call, I gave up once more. I can’t spend this kind of time just sitting on the phone.


After 139 minutes spent on the phone with eBay support to figure out why my account is linked to another that according to an eBay tech has nothing in common with mine except a zip code, I got someone on their @AskeBay feed to look into in (supposedly). They said I should hear back in about 3 days.

…but it doesn’t end there.

I called back today because it has been 3 days. After 59 minutes on hold, I finally got to speak with someone. He loos into it for 10 minutes & gets my phone number to call me back after looking further into the problem.

Yup, that’s Linda Le looking fantastic as Juri Han at Tokyo Game Show for Street Figher Day.

If the men in fighting games were dressed like the women.

If the men in fighting games were dressed like the women.




Ladies & Gentlemen—your new Batmobile. I was hoping for something more stylish & less militarized, but we shall see.

I don’t like that they keep putting guns on his vehicles. He doesn’t use guns. Why would he mount some to his vehicles?

Batman has used guns in the past. Even Batman (1989) had guns mounted on the Batmobile & Batwing. It’s not as out of character as people make it out to be.



Baltimore Comic-Con Recap: Scored some original art.

  • Fables 75, pages 34-35 by Mark Buckingham
  • Marvel 1985 2, page 3 by Tommy Lee Edwards
  • Guardians of the Galaxy by Chris Giarrusso
  • Deadpool 23 variant cover by Chris Giarrusso
  • Avengers by Chris Giarrusso
  • Speed Comics 26, pages 17-22—complete “Girl Commandos” story
  • Rocket Raccoon by Chris Giarrusso
  • Bufkin by Bill Willingham
  • Krypto by Franco
  • Mary Marvel by Jeff Shultz

The Titans are coming!

That’s the report from Deadline as the DC Comics young team of heroes is “nearing a pilot order” at cable network TNT. The project is written by Akiva Goldsman.

The show would reportedly star Dick Grayson as Nightwing, and the report name-dropped Starfire and Raven as other characters tapped for the show. DC Entertainment has, at various times, had both Dick Grayson and Raven series in the works, so this would likely replace both of those.

Which team members would you like to see?!


If Wolverine’s entire skeleton is covered in adamantium, does that include the tiny bones in his ears that enable him to hear? Would he be deaf?

Find out in the upcoming premium format mini series from Marvel Comics:



Ladies & Gentlemen—your new Batmobile. I was hoping for something more stylish & less militarized, but we shall see.