I hate this man for the amount of talent he has.



Latest Print - “I Had Wings, Once. And They Were Strong.” (Maleficent)

My very first oil painting! Prints are available right now in my US Store
and very soon over in my UK / Rest Of The World Store

The original, signed painting will be going up on eBay later this evening - starting at $1, as always 

Thanks for your kind words and support, very much appreciated!


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I love all things Kirby, but those 4-panel pages! It’s like four splash pages all squeezed into one.

Agnès Oblige, Vestal of the Wind at your service.

Vampy has conquered a little Bravely Default cosplay!

This just in: Watch Dogs most likely will not be running in full HD on the XBone (but you should all be used to that by now).

Lynda Carter. Always Lynda Carter.

Lynda Carter. Always Lynda Carter.