Happy birthday, Jack. Comics, and now our movies, would be so much more boring if not for your genius.

I’m pretty sure Megan Coffey was meant to be Rogue.

Enjoy some rare, behind the scenes, color shots from one of my all time favorite films Young Frankenstein.

HBO, Paramount Plot Shutter Island Series Ashecliffe With Martin Scorsese And Dennis Lehane

HBO and Paramount Television are making deals to turn the 2010 hit film Shutter Island into a TV series. Tentatively titled Ashecliffe, the plan is for the pilot to be directed by Martin Scorsese from a script by Dennis Lehane, who wrote the bestselling thriller novel that Scorsese and screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis turned into the hit film that Leonardo DiCaprio starred in.

Ashecliffe is the name of the isolated mental hospital where the movie took place, and the series begins before the events of the film. The focus is the past of hospital, and the secrets and misdeeds perpetrated by its founders who erected the hospital in the early 20th Century and developed the methods of treatment use for the mentally ill.

I’m loving the Super Mario themed body paint Melanie Doust is rocking out in these shots!

Photo: Lauren Payne
Lighting set up: Glen Young
Makeup & body paint: Lauren Payne, Dollvyn Van Luyn, Boom Jui

"Yo, if you’re cosplaying as Khal Drogo, you’re asking for it." If Geek Girls Acted Like Geek Guys 

I really love the Wonder Woman cover for this issue of Amazing World of DC Comics by Michael Nasser (aka Michael Netzer).

Hey, look…it’s a pink yoshi! (And if you look closely, you can almost make out a pink Mandy Morbid in the background.)