Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel may not be out yet, but here’s your head start. We’re helping you plan out ahead of time some choice skills for the playable characters, as we’ve done with previous Borderlands games. Here’s an overview of each character’s skill trees before you dive in on your own.

Nisha the Lawbringer 

Nisha’s action skill, Showdown, will automatically aim at targets when activated. The player can quickly cycle through targets by flicking the right stick. You’ll also gain buffs in gun damage, fire rate, reload speed, accuracy, and bullet speed.

Nisha’s skill trees offer something for the player who likes getting quick kills, getting up close and personal, and shooting from the hip.

  • Law & OrderGaining stacks of Order is the highlight of this tree. A player must continue to get kills by mixing gun fire, melee, and slams to keep the Order stacks flowing. The capstone Thunder Crackdown adds a cone-shaped shock burst to her melee whip attack for major damage.
  • Fan the HammerThere’s a ton of kill skills that buff Nisha’s core abilities in this tree. If you like bringing the law with a pistol, you’ll love the capstone for this tree called “One for Each of Ya” which gives you a duplicate pistol for dual wielding damage.
  • The RiflewomanIf you like shooting from the hip and are a frequent re-loader, the Riflewoman skill tree is for you. There are plenty of skills that grant buffs for kills, reloading, and critical hits. Players can gain Unchained stacks for shooting an enemy and stacks of Impatience for killing them.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel may not be out yet, but here’s your head start. We’re helping you plan out ahead of time some choice skills for the playable characters, as we’ve done with previous Borderlands games. Here’s an overview of each character’s skill trees before you dive in on your own.

Claptrap the Fragtrap

Claptrap’s action skill is called VaultHunter.EXE, which is a program that randomly selects an ability to use depending on the situation. It’s unfortunately classified as malware by the Hyperion Corporation. What they call a “bug” Claptrap calls a “feature.”

Claptrap’s trees offer a variety of options ranging from the explosive, to the cooperative, and something for more advanced players.

  • BoomtrapBoomtrap will be a favorite for fans of – oh, how does Mr. Torgue put it - “EXPLOSIONS?!?!?” The tree focuses on explosive damage with a capstone skill that activates Pirate Ship Mode. When Pirate Ship Mode is activated, Claptrap is armed with four pirate cannons that will launch cannon balls each time the player fires. As a bonus, Tchaikovsky’s  1812 Overture will play to serenade your explosive damage fest. Because we’re classy like that.
  • I Love You Guys!For the player into cooperative buffs, the “I Love You Guys!” tree offers many options to aid your fellow Vault Hunters. Highlighting the tree is the capstone skill “High Fives Guys”, where Claptrap raises his hand up to receive a proper high five. If anyone gives him a high five, everyone in the group gets a buff. If everyone leaves Claptrap hanging, then it activates another action called “Screw You Guys” where only Claptrap gets the buff.
  • Fragmented FragtrapAdvanced players looking for a more technical skill tree should enjoy “Fragmented Fragtrap” This tree is all about unlocking subroutines making yourself more powerful with either melee, pistols, sub-machine guns, shotguns, you name it. On the downside, it will make you less powerful in the other action types. Frag Stacks will be gained while your subroutine is active. With the capstone “Rainbow Coolant” activated, each time you cycle through a subroutine, Claptrap will shoot out a rainbow wave that buffs everyone in your team. Additionally, Claptrap will release a disco ball that shoots lasers at enemies.

WB’s Supergirl lands at CBS

Warner Bros./DC Entertainment will have 5 series this season—Arrow (The CW), The Flash (The CW), Constantine (NBC), Gotham (Fox) and later this season iZombie (The CW). In development, they have Preacher (AMC), Scalped (WGN), Titans (TNT), Lucifer (Fox), and now Supergirl (CBS).

I like that they’re spreading it around, but are they spreading themselves too thin?

I feel Gotham will prove to be the weakest link of all. If they had stuck more to a Gotham Central storyline, it could be golden. Instead, they’re choosing a Gump-esq this is connected to this, which is linked to this, oh…and look at all these faces & names that just happen to be this age in this place all at this exact time. AND THEY ALL KNOW EACH OTHER! And also—Fox.

The Internet wins again, folks! Fox has officially announced the release date for Deadpool—February 12, 2016—with Ryan Reynolds & Tim Miller attached, but not signed!

eBay Support…or lack thereof.

Sept 12, at 2:20 PM local time, I received this email telling me that my selling limits have changed on my account because another user is associated with it. I’ve been selling under the same account for almost a decade & have no other accounts.


At 2:24 PM, I called eBay Support & spent 1 hour & 22 minutes on the line, the majority of which was on hold. I spoke briefly with one individual who need to escalate my call to another, and a second who needed to send me to a third…and then I just sat on hold. After almost an hour and a half call time, I had to hang up. I had things to do.


I then went online to request a call back & at 4:22 PM I received my support call. After explaining to the girl what what going on & how I had to hang up after being left on hold for so long, she actually started looking into things for me & discovered that this other account originates from the same zip code but everything else was completely different from mine. She does all she is able to do & sends me on to another person (who I believe is the same person I spoke with last time). This #2 informs me that there are technical difficulties & she cannot forward my call at the moment & asks for my number to call me back & continue when things are working again. This call takes 22 minutes.


At 5:07 PM, I receive a call back from the same person & provide all of the information she requests. During this time, I think it would be a good idea to block this user from buying/bidding on my items and discover that I have already blocked them in the past, but with my account being almost a decade old there’s no telling when this actually happened because it doesn’t look familiar to me at all. Again, it’s determined that I need to speak with someone else & once again my call is transferred. After 35 minutes on the call, I gave up once more. I can’t spend this kind of time just sitting on the phone.


After 139 minutes spent on the phone with eBay support to figure out why my account is linked to another that according to an eBay tech has nothing in common with mine except a zip code, I got someone on their @AskeBay feed to look into in (supposedly). They said I should hear back in about 3 days.

…but it doesn’t end there.

I called back today because it has been 3 days. After 59 minutes on hold, I finally got to speak with someone. He loos into it for 10 minutes & gets my phone number to call me back after looking further into the problem.

Yup, that’s Linda Le looking fantastic as Juri Han at Tokyo Game Show for Street Figher Day.