"Sometimes when you go looking for god, you find him…"

Just a little speedpaint of Mewtwo I did while waiting for Game of Thrones to be on.  Spent some time less than 2 hours, but I wasn’t counting.

I hate this man for the amount of talent he has.



Latest Print - “I Had Wings, Once. And They Were Strong.” (Maleficent)

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The original, signed painting will be going up on eBay later this evening - starting at $1, as always 

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"Napier/Nigma/Isley/Dent… how may we direct your kill? It’s the Mad Men (and Women) of Arkham Asylum in this Comic Book/Emmy Themed mash-up.

The Riddler’s focus group questions are maddening. Two-Face is obsessed with 2-for-1 offers. Poison Ivy has founded a go-green movement. And the Joker keeps running out of pencils. But at the end of a rough day, Harley Quinn is ready with a drink that will knock you out (umm, literally)!" — Bill Walko

Artist Spotlight: Phil Hester. Seriously, such an underrated artist. Oh, and looky there.. it’s my Green Arrow page from the “Quiver” arc by him & Kevin Smith!

Zen Hulk by Terry Moore.