I finally snagged one of these! they aren’t particularly expensive, I just never see them at shows if with collections that come in.

So Gotham happened last night. I think it has promise, but still needs work. I give it 3/5 stars.

I have no problems with the changes, this is its own continuity, but here’s hoping they fix the cheesy dialogue & shoddy characterization (I think Bruce is the only character they nailed). What did you guys think?

One of the arguments behind Starfire’s barely-there outfit is that her powers are fed by solar energy. Since Superman also gets his powers from our yellow sun, cartoonist J.Bone designed a new, less UV-blocking costume for the Man of Steel.

Warner Bros. Wants to Recruit Training Day Writer David Ayer for Their Suicide Squad Movie

Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li—yay?) is working on the script, but remember…Ayres is also a screenwriter and has a much more impressive resume. Hopefully he’ll be taking a swipe at it if he signs on.

Which roster would you like to see on the big screen?!

WB’s Supergirl lands at CBS

Warner Bros./DC Entertainment will have 5 series this season—Arrow (The CW), The Flash (The CW), Constantine (NBC), Gotham (Fox) and later this season iZombie (The CW). In development, they have Preacher (AMC), Scalped (WGN), Titans (TNT), Lucifer (Fox), and now Supergirl (CBS).

I like that they’re spreading it around, but are they spreading themselves too thin?

I feel Gotham will prove to be the weakest link of all. If they had stuck more to a Gotham Central storyline, it could be golden. Instead, they’re choosing a Gump-esq this is connected to this, which is linked to this, oh…and look at all these faces & names that just happen to be this age in this place all at this exact time. AND THEY ALL KNOW EACH OTHER! And also—Fox.



Ladies & Gentlemen—your new Batmobile. I was hoping for something more stylish & less militarized, but we shall see.

I don’t like that they keep putting guns on his vehicles. He doesn’t use guns. Why would he mount some to his vehicles?

Batman has used guns in the past. Even Batman (1989) had guns mounted on the Batmobile & Batwing. It’s not as out of character as people make it out to be.



Baltimore Comic-Con Recap: Scored some original art.

  • Fables 75, pages 34-35 by Mark Buckingham
  • Marvel 1985 2, page 3 by Tommy Lee Edwards
  • Guardians of the Galaxy by Chris Giarrusso
  • Deadpool 23 variant cover by Chris Giarrusso
  • Avengers by Chris Giarrusso
  • Speed Comics 26, pages 17-22—complete “Girl Commandos” story
  • Rocket Raccoon by Chris Giarrusso
  • Bufkin by Bill Willingham
  • Krypto by Franco
  • Mary Marvel by Jeff Shultz

The Titans are coming!

That’s the report from Deadline as the DC Comics young team of heroes is “nearing a pilot order” at cable network TNT. The project is written by Akiva Goldsman.

The show would reportedly star Dick Grayson as Nightwing, and the report name-dropped Starfire and Raven as other characters tapped for the show. DC Entertainment has, at various times, had both Dick Grayson and Raven series in the works, so this would likely replace both of those.

Which team members would you like to see?!

Ladies & Gentlemen—your new Batmobile. I was hoping for something more stylish & less militarized, but we shall see.