The best description of Trevor McCarthy’s Batwoman Annual #1 cover comes from facebook user Chris Desatoff:

Skullbrain has a gun with a bayonet, yet he swings it like a bat (and holds it in a way that he’s likely to slice himself open with the sharp, pointy end). Other than that, it’s a cool drawing.

I have no idea if this book is good or crap anymore, I haven’t touched it since J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman left over editorial interference.

Lynda Carter. Always Lynda Carter.

Lynda Carter. Always Lynda Carter.

"Napier/Nigma/Isley/Dent… how may we direct your kill? It’s the Mad Men (and Women) of Arkham Asylum in this Comic Book/Emmy Themed mash-up.

The Riddler’s focus group questions are maddening. Two-Face is obsessed with 2-for-1 offers. Poison Ivy has founded a go-green movement. And the Joker keeps running out of pencils. But at the end of a rough day, Harley Quinn is ready with a drink that will knock you out (umm, literally)!" — Bill Walko

Finally, a new DC Comics titles I can get excited about! I loved OMAC, and was sad to see it go so soon. It was a perfect homage to Jack Kirby’s creation. With Infinity Man and the Forever People being another team up between Dan DiDio & Keith Giffen, I have nothing but the highest of hopes.