Just under an hour left to bid on original artwork in support of the Bill Mantlo Support Fund

As most of us are aware, Bill Mantlo (co-creator of Rocket Raccoon) has been in a living-care facility since a 1992 hit-and-run accident left him severely brain damaged. The sale of these pieces (and even more at the link) will go to help pay for his continued healthcare costs.


How The Supreme Court And Jack Kirby Could Change Everything

“I would like to suggest, to anyone in the media, that they won’t be wasting their time if they follow the ‘Jack Kirby rights at the Supreme Court’ story, more closely.” – Neal Adams

Hulk (2014) #1

Playing catch up & once again, Mark Waid appears to have quite a tale mapped out for us here in this new “Who Shot Bruce Banner?” storyline. And it’s a good thing that the story has so much promise because, as usual, Mark Bagley’s art is dogshit terrible. Mark Waid, Bruce Banner, and Hulk deserve better. Amazing cover by Jerome Opena & Dean White, perhaps that is one of the factors that make the interior pencils look so bad.

Final thoughts: Stay for Hulk & Mark Waid; choke down the Bagley.

Zen Hulk by Terry Moore.

Official Avengers: Age of Ultron concept art.

The non-Marvel release shows off the Hulkbuster armor being put to use on a certain Green Goliath & fits in nicely with the rumors we’ve heard about Hulk being sent off planet at the end of the film, leading into a Planet Hulk film.

Gorgeous Silver Age Marvel commission by Tony Harris, can’t wait to see it in person!

The 25 Comics of Geexmas: Marvel Holiday Special, January 1993. Cover by Art Adams.

X-Mas covers are one of the things I collect, and these are a few of the books in that collection!