In an epic follow-up to Saber II, Nerdist presents Saber III: Revenge of the Threesome! Brace yourself for a next level Star Wars lightsaber duel between Clare Grant, Rileah Vanderbilt and Alison Haislip.

Grant Morrison Extended Interview - Geek Week Comics Panel at Comic-Con (by Nerdist)

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A Sneak Peek at Brian Wood’s Star Wars and More!

In a galaxy very, very close, Dark Horse will be putting out a brand new monthly Star Wars comic book beginning on January 9th, 2013. At first glance, the news that Dark Horse is putting out a new Star Wars comic might not strike you as particularly impressive. It seems like there’s a new mini-series or ongoing Expanded Universe tale popping up every week, but this one is different. Why? Not only is it simply titled Star Wars and does it feature a gorgeous cover from Alex Ross, but it’s set during the events of the original trilogy and is directly informed by the characters’ reactions to the events of A New Hope. And the icing on this intergalactically awesome cake is that it’s being written by Brian Wood, a man who is undoubtedly busier than you or I will ever be. With five (!) monthly titles on his plate, all signs would point to Wood using the Force to manage his Death Star-sized workload. I caught up with him to test his midi-chlorian levels, talk comic books, and find out whether there’s a Fett’s chance in a Sarlacc Pit of seeing a Northlanders TV show. And it looks like Christmas came early, because Santa Wood left us with a gift in the form of exclusive advance pages from Star Wars #1.