Earlier this month, it was announced that Capcom chose to not renew their takeover defense, a countermeasure instated in 2008 to prevent Capcom from falling under another company’s control should a third party buy up a large amount of its stock. Essentially this means that Capcom is for sale & ready to entertain offers.

Who should step in? Who would benefit most from owning the Capcm brand? EA? Microsoft? No, I think there’s a clear answer here.

April 26, 1999: 15 years ago today, Super Smash Bros. was first released in North America!


"Sometimes when you go looking for god, you find him…"

Just a little speedpaint of Mewtwo I did while waiting for Game of Thrones to be on.  Spent some time less than 2 hours, but I wasn’t counting.

Agnès Oblige, Vestal of the Wind at your service.

Vampy has conquered a little Bravely Default cosplay!