The Fall, Nintendo eShop—This looks pretty incredible!

I’m loving the Super Mario themed body paint Melanie Doust is rocking out in these shots!

Photo: Lauren Payne
Lighting set up: Glen Young
Makeup & body paint: Lauren Payne, Dollvyn Van Luyn, Boom Jui

Hey, look…it’s a pink yoshi! (And if you look closely, you can almost make out a pink Mandy Morbid in the background.)

Earlier this month, it was announced that Capcom chose to not renew their takeover defense, a countermeasure instated in 2008 to prevent Capcom from falling under another company’s control should a third party buy up a large amount of its stock. Essentially this means that Capcom is for sale & ready to entertain offers.

Who should step in? Who would benefit most from owning the Capcm brand? EA? Microsoft? No, I think there’s a clear answer here.