"Sometimes when you go looking for god, you find him…"

Just a little speedpaint of Mewtwo I did while waiting for Game of Thrones to be on.  Spent some time less than 2 hours, but I wasn’t counting.

This is what Nintendo should be doing to work their way back into The Black.

These (and more) are all on my non-jailbroken iPhone 5s & iPad Mini running iOS 7. Nintendo should release an app themselves for free and charge $3-5 per title & MILLIONS of downloads would follow!

Or… people like me will continue to do it without them and they will continue to hemorrhage hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Hey, do you like Pokémon? Jessica Nigri sure does, and now I like them even more!

captain-ems—”Guys! Jessica Nigri is wearing one of my shirts!!! :)))) If you want one go to etsy.com/shop/SugarNPeas and use the code POCKETMONSTERS for $5 off. That makes them only $10:)”