First impressions of PlayStation Now after installing the beta & playing Dead Island: Riptide for an hour or so: This is gonna be amazing!

I was worried at first when I ran into some choppy video and the occasional popup saying my connection was too slow (even though it passed the test before getting started), but it all smoothed out and I couldn’t tell that I wasn’t playing from a disc at all.

Is a game truly “nextgen” when it’s still offered on the last generation of systems? If feels more like a nextgen port to me when developers & publishers do this.

This just in: Watch Dogs most likely will not be running in full HD on the XBone (but you should all be used to that by now).

I have a massive video game collection that I’m selling off (these are just a handful of photos I’ve taken). I’m actively cataloging it in a Google Drive spreadsheet viewable here. Check back often, as there are about 20 boxes to sort through before it’s all listed.

Sarah Fatale is pretty protective of her babies.

So you want to play old games on your PlayStation 4? Okay, go for it! It’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft responds to this after the abysmal launch of the XBone.

Played this one a little shortly after it was released, but didn’t get into it too much. Giving it another shot.

[Update: It’s Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, and a touch of platforming thrown into a visually-striking action adventure game. I really have no idea what I didn’t like the first time around.]

New game systems mean new headsets, and this one it quite pretty: it’s the Turtle Beach Marvel Seven: Limited Edition Gaming HeadsetThis baby will work on the PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, XB360, PC, Mac, and moble devices.

AND.. you can swap out the speaker plates to best suit your style!

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