Love these shots of Holly Wolfe! And I’m not sure if this design from The Black Tape Project is supposed to make me think of Tron, but it certainly does!

Vader Disney Princess—parenting done right. Unknown cosplayer from NYCC 2014, photo by Alex Erde.

Matt Ferguson, Trilogy. Sale runs from Thursday, September 4th 12pm est. through Sunday, September 7th 11:59pm est. at

The most adorable stormtrooper of all time.

Antique woodcut/engraving-style Star Wars landscapes by Ryan Huddle.

Star Wars Rebels: Extended Preview 

Whine about the Legends/EU canon adjustment all you want, this series looks awesome. So many deaths for a Disney series!

TK-6683 & LeeAnna Vamp: The world needs more femtroopers. #SDCC (at San Diego Convention Center)