Superman Unchained #6 variant by Sean Murphy.

Why use characters that never existed in this New 52niverse? Other than cranking out variants to try and get higher orders from retailers, I have no idea what DC is doing anymore.

From Walt Simonson: “RIP. I’ve just gotten word that Nick Cardy caught the last train out at 9:35 this evening. Thanks for everything, Nick, the work and the friendship. Godspeed.”

That Time Superboy’s Robot Teacher Got Him Laid

Today…we look at one of the most disturbing Superboy stories of all-time. You can’t truly prepare yourself for the messed-up stuff that happened in 1977′s DC Super Stars #12 by writer Cary Bates and artists Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson, but you should at least attempt to ready yourself for what you’re about to see. [follow the link for more]

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